Envelopes 2.0

Envelopes 2.0

The budgeting app you all know and love is back, and this time it’s brushed its hair and cleaned its teeth: Envelopes 2.0 comes to you with a brand-spanking-new user interface. We have refined every single screen and polished every UI element to -in the words of the late Steve Jobs- make you want to lick them. The UI is the result of many hours of arduous testing and development, and we can’t wait to get your feedback.

The UI isn’t the whole story though, we’ve also taken a lot of the suggestions we’ve received during Envelopes’s time on sale to add some great new features:

  • New icon colours.
  • Re-order-able envelopes list.
  • Transfer funds between envelopes.
  • Add memos to a withdrawal/deposit/transfer.
  • “Fill all with Budget” – to automatically generate deposits for all envelopes that have a budget set (should speed up your workflow on payday!).
  • “Clear All” button in history view.
  • All new notes view, to allow you to quickly flick through all your notes on a particular envelope.

So that’s about it for 2.0, let us know what new features you’d like to see in the next version!

Oh, here’s a new promo video (thanks to @dogletoffire for the editing and audio, and elliemon for the visuals), hope you enjoy:

Don’t forget, we’re on twitter @envelopes and facebook, and we always answer our emails envelopes@emdentec.com

Envelopes 2.0 in the App Store


Envelopes v1.1.1

Envelopes on Facebook

Envelopes v1.1.1 is now available on the App Store. This version introduces a refined user interface along with optimisation for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display.

v1.1.1 also includes enhancements to the envelope budget implementation, and a number of new languages.

Envelopes for iPhone

Screenshots of Envelopes for iPhone

Envelopes has been updated, check out the new version here: Envelopes 2.0

Now available in the App Store

Envelopes on Facebook

The Envelope Budget is something that I started using just after I moved out of my parent’s house.  I was struggling to manage my money appropriately, and I’d say one of the chief reasons for that is that you just can’t visualise how much money you have left when the only representation you have of that money is a plastic card.

So after a while of digging myself deeper into my overdraft I came up with a solution.  What if I had all my money in cash? That way I would have a much better visualisation of how much I’ve got left to spend.  Sure enough, every time I got paid I would go to a cash machine and draw it all out (excluding any that was to pay direct debits etc.).  Then I’d bring it home and split it up into different envelopes for shopping, petrol, cigarettes and other categories.

This worked surprisingly well, I managed to get on top of my finances and live within my means.  I did this for about a year, but as any good burglar or financial advisor will tell you: this isn’t the best way to handle your money.

Since then, I’ve not really thought about this budgeting system until recently.  I realised that this system would be great, if not for having to have all of your money in cash.  So I thought to myself, this would make a great iPhone app.  And thus, Envelopes for iPhone was born.

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Current Status: On Sale